Friends of Frayne

The Friends of Frayne Council is the Parents and Friends representative body of Ursula Frayne Catholic College, through which parents provide opportunities for community building, fellowship and support of school events.

The Friends of Frayne operates an Executive Council supported by Sub-School Co-ordinators and an Auxiliary Council. Other sub-councils are convened from time to time, as the need arises.

All parents are encouraged to participate in activities co-ordinated by the Friends of Frayne. Council meetings are held each term. The Calendar of Events and meeting dates can be found in the table below or in the 2023 College calendar.

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Executive Council:

  • President: Nikki Middleton
  • Treasurer: Sue Deering
  • Secretary: Heather Fraser
  • Balmoral Campus Coordinator: Aimee Hamer
  • Duncan Campus Coordinator: Patricia Gabb

College Advisory Council Representative:

  • Rebecca McAdam

Council Members:

  • Preparatory Sub-School Coordinator: Christina Mandanici
  • Junior Sub-School Coordinator: Vacant
  • Middle Sub-School Coordinator: Natalie O’Brien
  • Senior Sub-School Coordinator: Maria Nicolosi
  • Duncan Campus Auxiliary: Sally Okoye
  • Balmoral Campus Auxiliary: Josie D’Aqui
  • Care Package Coordinator: Jer Sie Pui
  • Scholastics Book Club Coordinator: Samantha Swain
KINDYAimee Hamer
Kirsten Fowler
Carla Ramsland
Alana Harper
PRE-PRIMARYCatherine CaseyChristina Mandanici
Arie Wieman
Ruth Kerr-Sheppard
YEAR 1Jenna KellySandra Scott
Emma Falconer
YEAR 2Gene MatthewsLaura Rowlinson
Angela Birch
YEAR 3Gemma WhiteNicola Iannantuoni
YEAR 4Bianca BestonSinead Miller
YEAR 5Jenny Piva
Jasmine Collier
Riri Augustine
YEAR 6Heather Nicholas

The following list of events are either organised by the Friends of Frayne or assistance is provided by members of the Friends of Frayne. The Friends of Frayne may also conduct or assist with other events from time to time.

  • 8 February: Year 7 Parent information and social evening.
  • 9 February: Balmoral Campus Class Coordinator induction evening.
  • 17 March: Junior School Faction Swimming Carnival.
  • 24 March: Balmoral Campus Ride to School Day.
  • 31 March: Friends of Frayne Movie Night.
  • 12 May: Middle School Mother’s Day Liturgy and Morning Tea.
  • 26 May: Balmoral Campus Disco.
  • 23 June: Duncan Campus Athletics Carnival.
  • 21- 24 August: Scholastic Book Fair.
  • 7 September: Preparatory School Sport Carnival.
  • 15 September: Junior School Faction Athletics Carnival.
  • 27 October: Balmoral Campus ‘Your Move Day”.
  • 2 November: Kindy Fun Run.
  • 3 November: Balmoral Campus Fun Run.
  • Date to be confirmed: Friends of Frayne Parent Event.

Meetings are held at either the Duncan Campus or the Balmoral Campus; please see below for dates and locations. Start time is usually 7:00pm. Please check the Newsletter or our Facebook page for further information prior to the date. Please read through the Agenda for the next meeting.

  • March 1st – Balmoral Campus
  • March 29th – Duncan Campus
  • May 3rd – Balmoral Campus
  • June 21st – Duncan Campus
  • August 2nd – Balmoral Campus
  • September 6th – Duncan Campus
  • October 18th – Balmoral Campus
  • November 15th – Duncan Campus
  • November 21st – Annual College Community Meeting (ACCM). Duncan Campus.

If you would like to help or find out more information please email: