The Arts

The various disciplines of the Arts are an essential aspect of being human. One of the most defining elements of human society is the way communities express themselves. This is especially evident in different cultures and ethnic groups, which are distinguished by their music, dance, visual art and drama. The Arts promotes a sense of identity through ritual and symbols.

Additionally, the health of a society can be measured by the quality and vibrancy of the Arts. The Arts has the capacity to lift spirits and bring to life the hopes, dreams and stories of people. Music, dance, art and drama can make people feel good about themselves.

The Arts significantly enhances the religious dimension of our College through liturgical singing, dance, drama and visual imagery.

Ursula Frayne Catholic College has developed a distinctive portfolio of Arts specialties that has seen the quality of opportunities grow and the talents of students flourish. The Duncan Street Campus provides an extensive array of Arts opportunities from formal lessons in music, dance, drama and visual arts to many extra-curricular groups and numerous occasions for students to perform and showcase their talents and gifts.