College Canteen

The Duncan Street Campus has a well-equipped canteen which services Duncan Street Campus students for recess and lunch. The canteen has an extensive menu, providing healthy and nutritious options for our students.

For Balmoral Street Campus students, canteen orders can be placed on Thursday and Friday will be provided through an external provider, Locavora. 

Duncan Street Campus- Online Ordering

For same day ordering, all orders must be placed prior to 8.30am.

To enable students to pre-order food from the canteen, parents must first set up a My Student Account. To complete this process My Student Account requires a unique identifying code, for each child, which is provided to you by the College.

Please refer to the My Student Account (MSA) instructions on how to set up your MSA and load funds onto the account. Once the account is active you can:

  • Access, view and manage from your home or office 24/7.
  • Set a Daily Spend Limit (optional).
  • Restrict access to specific foods (optional).
  • Set a Low Balance Warning (optional).
  • View online the account purchase history.

Balmoral Street Campus- Online Ordering

For same day ordering on Thursday or Friday, all orders must be placed before 7am.

Ordering from Locavora is simple, visit the Locavora website HERE to place an order. 

Before placing an order, parents must set up an account.

For more information, please refer to the Ordering Guide below.