Mission and Values


Inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, our mission is to empower all students in the pursuit of excellence in their life-long learning journey.

Frayne Graduate Statement

We aspire that, upon graduation from Ursula Frayne Catholic College, our students will be faith-filled and joyful young people who are
respectful of themselves, others, their community, and the environment that sustains them. Our hope is that they are grateful,
resilient, competent, can engage in life-long learning and are ready to take their place in and make a positive contribution to the
world beyond school.


Ursula Frayne Catholic College:
A Learning and Faith Sharing Community, Centred in Christ

Vision Framework

College Values

Catherine McAuley, the first Sister of Mercy, made a difference in her time and her influence continues to be felt today. Her appeal lies in her faith and confidence, generosity and hospitality, her courage and humanity, and that she had the heart to listen and dared to step out and make a difference. We have chosen the following values to enable the Ursula Frayne Catholic College Community to be a part of this Mercy charism.

  • Compassion: The charism of Mercy is not just to talk about love and compassion, but to do something about helping other people in need. It’s about the non-judgemental understanding of another’s need, which results in unselfish giving to meet that need.
  • Excellence: The state of achievement of the highest possible standards.
  • Hospitality: The creation of a welcoming, open, inclusive and respectful environment for all individuals through word and deed.
  • Respect: The recognition of the gifts and talents of those around you, as well as bearing responsibility for our own actions and choices.
  • Justice: The treatment of each person with fairness in relation to the equality of all, and the maintenance of a balanced and fair relationship with self and all members of the community.