Music Tuition Application

Music Tuition Application

Welcome to the Ursula Frayne Catholic College Music Community.

Please read through our Music Tuition Terms and Conditions prior to completing the form.

Music Tuition Fees
  • $38.50 per lesson for an individual lesson (30-minutes).
  • $21.15 per lesson for a paired lesson (30-minutes).
  • $77.00 per lesson for an individual lesson (60-minutes – only for Year 10-12 students intending to study or already studying WACE Instrumental Music).

All Music Tuition Fees are added to the school fee account, which are payable in line with school fee payment options.

As per the Terms and Conditions, participation in a music ensemble is a requirement when undertaking music tuition at the College (for Years 3-12 only). For more information, please see the College Ensemble Information tab below.

Any questions regarding this application form or payment of fees for the Music Tuition Program should be directed to Michele Acott-

Participation in a Music Ensemble (Music Group)

It is College policy that when a student who is in in Year 3-12, undertakes music tuition through Ursula Frayne that they are required to commit as a member of an appropriate authorised College music group (ensemble).

Link to Ensemble Handbook here

Year 3-6 students are automatically placed in a music group according to their instrument selection.

Balmoral Students (3-6) authorised groups
Vocal/ Piano Band Strings
Junior Chorale Sound Beginnings Course (SBC) Junior Band (12-months exp.) Sound Beginnings Course (SBC) Junior Strings (12-months exp.)
Guitar Ensemble    

Students are expected to be committed to attending their weekly rehearsals and instrumental lessons. Parents are expected to support this policy. Students who are absent more than twice a Term for any reason other than sickness will be asked to leave the program, with no refund. Late arrivals will be deemed as absent and will not be allowed to join the rehearsal for that day.

Click here to access the Ensemble Selection Form.


Music Tuition Application Form

  • Personal Information

    All students who wish to do the following must complete, or get their parent/guardian to complete, and submit this form: - commence instrumental/voice lessons - choose a different lesson option - change instrument
  • Please provide details, if applicable, of any previous music experience.
  • Instrument Options

    Please select an instrument from the list below for your first and second preferences. NB: Every effort will be made to accommodate the student's first preference.
  • Please note: Instruments marked with an asterix are ONLY available as an individual lesson option.
  • Please note: Instruments marked with an asterix are ONLY available as an individual lesson option.
  • Do you require instrument hire? If YES, please fill out the Instrumental Hire Application Form.
  • Lesson Options

    Please choose your preferred lesson option.