Water Balloons for Project Compassion

On the last day of Term One, 2018, our staff gathered together to bear the brunt of a water balloon barrage. 

The Senior School Council, led by Thomas Yeo, launched an initiative where students made donations in exchange for the opportunity to take on the staff in a more one-way battle than would usually be seen on the Duncan Campus. 

Staff volunteered their time and bodies, shielding themselves with weapons reflective of their subjects. 

It was a wonderfully light hearted way to end the long term, where the students enjoyed the opportunity to seek revenge on their teachers and the staff were only too happy to oblige. 

A total of over $300 was raised, which will go towards Project Compassion.

To see exactly what everyone got up to on the day, check out the video on YouTube, created by student Martin Phan who is a Project Leader in the Visual Media Club led by teacher Ms. Jeanie Walker.