Development Application for Greening Blocks on Teague Street


Your support is needed to help transform THIS



into THIS




  1. Signing our online petition in support of the College’s Development Application to develop our vacant blocks on Teague St into attractive green spaces. The petition can be accessed via:
  1. Sending an email/letter to the Town of Victoria Park Administration, the Mayor and to each of the local Councillors outlining your reasons for supporting the College’s Development Application.
  1. Contacting the Mayor and Councillors by phone to advise of your support for the College’s proposal.
  1. Registering comments in support of the Development Application on the Town’s Development Application Portal, when the College’s application has been placed on the Town of Victoria Park website:

The College community will be advised via SEQTA when it is available for comment.

  1. Enlisting the support of extended family, friends and neighbours and encouraging them to sign the petition; writing in support of the DA to the Town Administration and/or Councillors and/or contacting local Councillors by phone.


Please do not underestimate the importance of expressing your support for this important opportunity for our current and future generations of students.



An investment of 15-30 minutes of your time will be an invaluable contribution towards the potential success of this initiative.



Thank you in anticipation of your support for this important venture between the College and the Town of Victoria Park.


The latest green space landscape site plan can be viewed here.


Contact details for the Town of Victoria Park councillors can be found online: