SEQTA Engage access

Access SEQTA Engage


This page explains the set up steps needed to complete to access SEQTA Engage.

 Simple Guide 

  1. A welcome email will come from to parent and carer emails on records with the subject Welcome to SEQTA Engage”.
  2. Follow the “Set up your account” link in the email to set up your username and password. We recommend using your email as your username to make it easier to remember.
  3. Once your account is set up, for a better user experience we recommend you download and sign-in to the SEQTA Engage app
Visual Guide – how to access SEQTA Engage website Expand Here is the visual guide for setting up your username and password.  If you cannot find the email, click “Forgot my password”.
Visual Guide – how to set-up the SEQTA Engage App Expand

The SEQTA app will allow you more efficient access to notifications and to retain your login  details.

Download the app for iPhone here and Android here.


What can I do with SEQTA Engage? Expand

SEQTA Engage allows parents and carers to engage in their children’s education.  With SEQTA Engage involves parents and carers in their child’s education via access to pastoral, timetable, upcoming assessments, results and reports.