Year 12 Ball – Fraser’s, Kings Park

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The Year 12 College Ball will be held on Friday 31 January 2020 in the Ballroom at Fraser’s, King’s
Park, from 6.30pm to 11.30pm. The Ball is considered by Year 12 students to be one of the
highlights of their school year and every effort will be made to make the evening a memorable

Students embrace the opportunity to come together at the end of their summer holidays and
welcome in their new academic year through this celebratory event. The Year 12 Ball is a
sophisticated evening where your son/daughter can enjoy fine food, good company and great
music. We are looking forward to sharing this special event with your child as they begin the
final phase of their compulsory educational journey.


The rules and expectations of the College for the Ball are outlined below:

Attendance: Attendance at the Year 12 Ball is entirely at the discretion of parents/guardians;
however, the College strongly encourages all Year 12 students to attend. Students can attend
the function with or without a guest.
Invited Guests: All invited guests who are not students at the College, are required to
complete the attached form which states that they accept the rules and regulations of the
College regarding the evening.
Students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 are not permitted to attend the Ball: Guests should
be of an age relatively close to the age of a Year 12 student. Students are permitted to bring
past students, however, the student must have been in “good standing” during their time at the
College. The final decision is at the discretion of the Head of Senior School. If you are in any
doubt about whether the age of your proposed partner is appropriate for this occasion, please
see Miss Palermo as soon as possible.
Cost: The Principal’s express instruction is that no student should be prevented from attending
the Ball due to legitimate financial difficulties. Please bring any such issues to Miss Palermo’s
attention and the appropriate action will be taken in a discrete and caring manner.
Tickets: Payment for tickets will be available online through the website ‘Trybooking’. Your
tickets will be issued after you have returned your completed Contract Agreement.
Contract Agreement: The Contract Agreement (under Forms) is to be signed by the student,
their guest and parents/guardians. Tickets will not be issued if this form is not completed.
Attire: All students and their guests must be dressed formally for the occasion. All students
should be mindful of personal modesty and dress in a way which reflects the College values.
Punctuality: The Ball will commence at 6.30pm. All guests will be greeted by the official party,
including the Principal and Vice-Principal of the College. It is essential that all students arrive at
the venue by 6.30pm. Pre-dinner drinks (non-alcoholic) will be served from this time with
everyone being seated by 7.00pm.
Leaving Early: Students and/or their guests are not permitted to leave the Ball early under
any circumstances. Permission to do so will not be granted to any student or invited guest.
Security: The venue is smoke-free and this is an alcohol-free event. If any student or their guest
is found to be in possession of, or under the influence of, any prohibited substances, he/she will
not be admitted into the Ballroom and the student’s parents will be notified immediately.
Furthermore, such behaviour by a student may jeopardise their enrolment at the College.
Pre-Ball and Post-Ball Parties: The College strongly opposes any form of gathering at which
alcohol may be available. Parents should be aware that attendance by their child at any such
party, is entirely at their discretion and no responsibility rests with the College. Under NO
circumstances should students or their parents’ book accommodation nearby, either before or
after the day of the ball, with the intention of hosting a party. This would not be in keeping with
the spirit of the event and any student involved in such a booking will not be permitted to attend
the Ball.
Christian Service Learning Hours: It is a condition of attendance at the Ball that at least 30
Hours of Christian Service Learning are to be completed prior to purchasing a Ball Ticket.
Therefore, these hours must be completed by the end of Year 11.