PS Sports Carnival


We look forward to Parents and Families joining us at Fraser Park for our Preparatory School Sports Carnival on Thursday 12 September 2019, followed by a picnic lunch.

Please note:  The children will need to –

  • come to their classrooms as usual in the morning
  • come dressed in their sports uniform (with their faction colour T-shirt)
  • bring their school hat and sunscreen
  • bring a bottle of water to drink during this outdoor time
  • give their teachers any appropriate medication needed (eg. Ventolin)
  • apply sunscreen in the morning, before they come to school.

        Students are not permitted to spray their hair their faction colour or apply face paint.

–        Pre-Primary children will need to wear appropriate footwear and if possible, their faction colour T-Shirt.

For your information:  The children will –

  • be walking to Fraser Park in their faction groups
  • be sitting in their faction bays during the Carnival
  • only be allowed to join their Parents at recess (10:30am to 11:00am) and lunch time at around 1:00pm to 2:00pm.
  • be able to enjoy a picnic lunch with their family at Fraser Park.  They will return to school at the end of lunch time, unless otherwise indicated by their parents.

Children whose parents are not able to attend will sit with their teacher or with another family who have been nominated by their parents for the picnic lunch.

Other information:

  • Events for the morning will begin at approximately 9:15am and the day will conclude after the picnic lunch at approximately 2:00pm.
  • Parents are asked to sit on the Balmoral Street side of Fraser Park (opposite the faction bays).
  • As done last year, the Friends of Frayne have organised a Coffee Van to be on site for you to buy your hot drinks.  They will however, continue with the running of a ‘cake stall’ for you to be tempted by the yummy treats on offer!  All purchases are to be made by adults only.
  • Information from the Friends of Frayne in regard to placing a Sausage Sizzle or Sushi lunch order and/or drink (water, juice) will be in this week’s newsletter (30 August). These need to be pre-ordered via trybooking at This link will be active from today and will close by the end of the school day on Tuesday 10 September.
  • A program of events will be distributed on the day.

Children whose parents or family members are unable to attend on the day or be there during break times will need to bring their recess packed in their school bag.  Otherwise, the children won’t need to bring their school bag on this day.  School canteen recess and lunch orders will not be an option.  However, for lunch, a sausage in a bun or sushi can be pre-ordered, as an alternative to bringing a packed lunch from home.

If you have any further queries, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

As always, we are looking for many volunteers to be in our “Mum’s Race” and “Dad’s Race” ….  so wear your joggers!