Duncan Campus InterCluster Swimming Carnival

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The Duncan Campus Intercluster Swimming Carnival will take place at HBF Stadium – Indoor Pool, Stephenson Avenue, Mt Claremont from approximately 10.00 am to 2.15pm.

Parents are encouraged to attend; however, please note that there will be a pool entry fee. We look forward to seeing as many parents there as possible.

Students please note the following information:

  • We will start boarding the buses at 8.45 am. The first buses will be leaving shortly thereafter. Sports Captains and Prefects will be leaving at 8.10 am with a HPE Staff member.
  • All competitors in the 50m and 25m races must wear racing bathers. Bathers should be worn under your physical education uniform. Please note that your swimming attire should be appropriate to racing and not what you might wear to the beach.
  • For Novelty events, we encourage you to wear the racing bathers; however, you are able to wear your sports shorts and a rashy over the top for novelties if you wish.
  • Make sure you wear your UFCC hat or cap (for when you are waiting for the buses) and bring your water bottle.  Remember that Red Bull, V and similar high energy drinks are NOT permitted.
  • You will need to bring your lunch and any other food or drink requirements, as it will NOT be possible to purchase anything at the pool. (Don’t bring money and expect to buy food or drinks).
  • Mobile phones, books, cards, games, iPods and MP3s etc are not to be taken.
  • Space is limited at the venue. For this reason, we ask that you bring a small backpack. Your co-operation with this will make the day far more comfortable for everyone.
  • Do NOT colour your hair for the day. While we encourage you to support your cluster by dressing up in your colours, the centre has a policy which states you will not be allowed in the pool.
  • The buses will return all students to school in time for the final bell. All students will be returning to school unless otherwise organised with Form teachers and Cluster Leaders. This must be organised prior to the day.

Following the positive feedback from last year’s carnival, we will again be running 25m races and novelties alongside the 50m events so that more students can be involved. Students are encouraged to do their best no matter which races they choose to swim. We look forward to a day filled with joy, fitness and healthy competition. There is an event for everyone. Get into the College spirit and wear your cluster shirts with pride.

For a detailed program of the day, please click here.

Any questions should be directed to Mr Mark Aldworth, Director of Sport.