Career Education

Career development is a lifelong process of engaging in learning and work opportunities to achieve our personal, social and economic goals.

There are no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ career development decisions; we simply make ‘better’ decisions based on the quality and quantity of information we have.

Career information is gathered through a range of sources from direct experiences to conversations with others.

At Frayne, we prepare our students for lifelong learning by providing them with a range of experiences that nurture their development in all areas of their lives. We strive for our young people to participate in learning experiences that build awareness of their unique strengths and interests and encourage them to use their gifts and talents to create value for others in their community.

Career education happens across all areas of the College as our students engage in learning experiences that allow them to reflect on their interests and strengths. This process culminates during Year 10 in the selection of senior school pathways connected to each student’s career aspirations and goals.

While many of our students participate in academic subjects; other students focus on developing their employability skills through the ASPIRE program.

ASPIRE Program

This program is available to Year 11 and 12 students and connects them to VET and Workplace Learning opportunities in out of school environments. Learning experiences are personalised to the aspirations of each student.

In the ASPIRE program students are supported to develop independent learning skills as they balance school and ASPIRE program commitments. Students are encouraged to develop self-organisation skills to ensure they are keeping up to date with their school and work priorities.

The ASPIRE program also facilitates opportunities for career development and guidance with students able to access resources to continue to develop awareness of their vocational interests and strengths, work readiness skills and opportunities to build a career portfolio.

Looking for further career information?

The Ursula Frayne Careers website has lots of resources to support our parents and students: